Monday, May 18, 2009

Twebst Web Automation Library v1.40 released

Twebst version 1.40 is launched!
Main changes include IE8 compatibility, better support for working with embeded IE browser control, support for modal and modeless HTML dialogs and functions for clipboard access.

Here is the list of new features and enhancements:
- NEW: IE8 is now supported
- ENH: core.AttachToNative* methods work now with hosted IE browser control
- BUG: various fixes
- NEW: core.foregroundBrowser property
- NEW: core.productName property
- NEW: core.productVersion property
- NEW: core.GetClipboardText method
- NEW: core.SetClipboardText method
- NEW: core.AttachToWnd method
- NEW: core.NativeWindowToNativeBrowser method
- NEW: core.NativeWindowToNativeDocument method
- NEW: core.NativeWindowToNativeDocument
- NEW: browser.FindModalHtmlDialog method
- NEW: browser.FindModelessHtmlDialog method
- NEW: element.GetAttribute method
- NEW: element.SetAttribute method
- NEW: element.RemoveAttribute method
- NEW: element.tagName property
- NEW: element.FindParentElement method
- NEW: core.RightClick method-
- Find more ...

Free Download Twebst Library 1.40

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