Tuesday, May 19, 2009

IE Web Login Automation

One highly repetitive web task is the logon to a web site. This is a common scenario where Twebst Web Automation Library really shines. Here is a short web macro written in JScript language that automatically logs you on Yahoo Mail site. All you have to do is to replace "UUUUUUUUUU" and "PPPPPPPPPP" with your user name and password in the code below.

// Open a browser and navigate to yahoo mail login page.
var core = new ActiveXObject("Twebst.Core");
var browser = core.StartBrowser("https://login.yahoo.com/config/mail?.intl=us");

// Find login fields.
var u = browser.FindElement("input text");
var p = browser.FindElement("input password");
var s = browser.FindElement("input submit");

// Log on to site by filling the user-name and password fileds and then click submit boutton.

FindElement searches thru all frames/iframes hierarchy for the first input element of type text/password/submit. Additional conditions can be specified for search (like searching an element by id/name or any other HTML attribute). Search conditions can make use of regular expressions if needed.

One more important thing is that FindElement method waits for the web page to be completely loaded before searching the element (the timeout can be specified by using core.loadTimeout property). Read more about Twebst Library...


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