Monday, December 15, 2008

Free Web Macros for Internet Explorer

As I presented in my previous post, automating Internet Explorer can be a difficult task.
Twebst Web Automation Library can make things easier.

It gives full programmatic control over the Internet Explorer browser. Twebst is a library of COM object that can be used within any environment that supports COM, from scripting languages (JScript, VB Script) to high level programming languages (C#, C++). For more information, see Twebst Libray Online Documentation. And yes, it's free!

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What Twebst can do?

  • increase productivity by automating repetitive web tasks
  • automate regression testing of web applications
  • automate web actions and data-entry
  • automatically log in to different web sites
  • fill out web-forms automatically
  • extract data from web pages (web scraping).
  • monitor web pages

Twebst features

  • Start new browsers and navigate to a specified URL.
  • Connect to existing browsers.
  • Search and access HTML elements and frames inside browsers.
  • Intuitive names for HTML elements using the text that appears on the screen.
  • Advanced search of browsers and HTML elements using regular expressions.
  • Perform actions on all HTML controls (button, combo-box, list-box, edit-box etc).
  • Simulates user behavior generating hardware or browser events.
  • Get access to native interfaces exposed by Internet Explorer so you don't need to learn new things if you already know IE web programming.
  • Synchronize web actions and navigation by waiting the page to complete in a specified timeout.
  • Available from any programming or script language that supports COM
  • Optimized search methods and collections.


Project 1 said...


I am creating my IE add-in ,my add-in combain between SR and TTS the user will use his voice request the web page and the add-in will add http and .com then open the web page then read some paragraph in web page also the user can navigate web page by his voice e.x. scroll up and down page .

how can i write code to scroll IE by voice i do all function in my add-in but i don't know how can scoll IE?

thank u :)

Unknown said...

You can start with



IHTMLElement::scrollTop and scrollLeft

Project 1 said...

Good Day

Do u have any tutorial explain how can i use IHTMLElement because it's first time i am using it ?
Thank u