Sunday, June 03, 2012

Watir Recorder - Open Source

For those in a hurry here is the download link:

Open Twebst is an open source web automation library and web recorder for Internet Explorer browser. It is somehow similar in features with Watir. Because of that I decided that I could reuse Twebst web recorder to generate Ruby code for Watir.

Just choose Watir from the language combo-box, press start recorder and you're ready to go! The web recorder also generates VBScript, JScript, C#, VB.Net and Python code for Open Twebst Library.

Future plans: I've already started to work on a new web spy + code generator wizard that will support Watir too.

For any questions, remarks, bug-reports, ideas or anything else, feel free to post on Twebst Google Group and/or Twebst Linkedin Group.

Watir Web Recorder - Open Source
Open Twebst - Watir Recorder