Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Homemade Handcrafted Help System

A good documentation is very important for any serious project. It comes a moment in life, when programmers find themselves working on the help system. That is what happened to me during the later stages of Twebst Web Automation Library project. Even though this project is not open source, I try to make public as many parts of it as possible. Today I will present Twebst Help System and how this tedious and annoying task of creating it, was automated.

Twebst is a library of COM objects used to automate Internet Explorer browser. The objects and the supported properties and methods have to be documented . The page structure is the same for every object/method/property and it also contains code samples that need syntax highlighting. This is good news because it leaves a lot of place for templates and automation.

Here is the solution:
  • The template is an XML document. When documenting an object/method or property the focus is on the content rather than on formatting the text. There is one XML file for each object/method/property.
  • A WSH script written in jscript parses the XML document and adds syntax highlighting to sample code in the documentation page. Regular expression are used for parsing.
  • cross references are added automatically by the same script.
  • then a XSL transformation is applied to convert XML source to a HTML document that will be eventually written to disk.
  • The whole process is optimized by removing unnecessary operations like generating the HTML when it already exists and is newer than its XML source.
  • Finally the HTML documents refers a CSS style sheet to easily change the look.

It goes like this:
XML + JScript-> XML with color syntax and cross references + XSL -> HTML + CSS -> CHM

For local help, the CHM compiler is invoked as a final step and a CHM Help File is generated. All you have to do is launching Build.js script you may find in the archive below.


Prerequisites: In order to build the CHM file you'll need HTML Help Workshop from Microsoft.

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