Sunday, April 27, 2014

Excel web automation in 6 easy steps

This short tutorial is about automating Internet Explorer browser from an Excel VBA macro using Open Twebst, an open source IE automation framework.
  • download and install Open Twebst from:
  • start recording your web actions and choose VBA code generator
  • open Excel, create an workbook and insert a new macro: View/Macros/View Macros => fill out a Macro name + Create
  • copy the VBA code from Twebst recorder window and paste it into VBA macro editor
  • add reference to Open Twebst library from Excel VBA macro editor: Tools/References => Open Twebst 1.0 Type Library
  • save the workbook; choose Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook (*.xslm) type in Save dialog box
Here is the whole story in pictures:


prakaaz said...

Many thanks...adrian..very useful tool.

can u plse share ,is there any alternative way to use the code in excel without using twebst library...

Thanks in Advance.

Unknown said...


Twebst library includes quite a lot of functionality which can be hard or even impossible to implemented only with VBA/Excel.

However Open Twebst is open source so one can always try to translate the functionality from C++ to VBA.