Friday, February 05, 2010

IE8 automation with Excel VBA macro

Twebst Automation Studio Ver 2.1 New Release!

Many people requested for VBA (Excel, Word) direct web automation support in Twebst Library. The previous version could not be easily used from VBA because of the way Excel works with methods with variable number of parameters (which is the case for many Twebst methods like: FindElement, FindBrowser, etc).

The new Twebst 2.1 version includes a new full set of interfaces and methods specially designed for Excel VBA. The web recorder was also updated to generate VBA code that you can easily include in your Excel macro. To see what's new in Twebst ver 2.1 check changelog.txt

Automating Internet Explorer from Excel VBA macro is now possible with Twebst Automation Studio 2.1.

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